Yes a very corny post title…taken from one of the many corny T-Shirts we saw in Belize with slogans like
“You Better Belize It!” and
“Don’t Stop Belizing”…good stuff

So on Caye Caulker, Tiffany and I went snorkeling with the Snorkel King of Belize – Carlos, owner and operator of Carlos Tours with the very accurate slogan ‘Every Day is a Good Day!!!’. If you are ever in Caye Caulker, look Carlos up, he was great. Carlos is also a very good underwater photographer, we bought the images from him and came home with a CD of highlights. The snorkeling was amazing…I have been diving and snorkeling all over the world and I saw more than I ever had on any single day anywhere else in the world.

Here are some highlights.

Some spectacular coral

Amazing schools of fish

We saw two sea turtles munching on the grass

A beautiful eagle ray

We snorkeled with Nurse Sharks(relatively harmless) and stingrays at ‘sharkray alley’ a spot where traditionally fisherman have dumped fish parts after fishing and cleaning their catch. Now it is a huge tourist spot where the tour guides ‘chum’ the water to attract the animals. A few of the sharks were over 10 feet long…it was very cool…I touched the sharks and rays.

The coolest part of the day…a Manatee. It was ‘sleeping’ on the bottom of the sand bed about 20 feet down, we staid very quiet and then it slowly floated up to take a breath of air. It turned and looked right at me for a while then slowly swam away…super cool!

July 31, 2008 - 2:45 am Brandon - Sweet underwater shots! What kinda gear did you use?

July 15, 2008 - 9:20 pm Krista - These are beautiful Sean!!!! It seems as though you became part of their environment. My favorite is the Manatee....SWEET!

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