Nicola & Greg – Polaroids from Camp Wilkerson Wedding – Rainier Oregon

I still love using film and I especially still love using instant film.  It’s not something that I offer as an add-on to wedding packages because the conditions have to be just right.  It’s a slow process using a 40 year old camera and expired film so I need enough time, light and patience to make it work.  And then sometimes even with the right conditions it doesn’t quite work.  Each shot is different since the most of the film has been expired for over 10 years and wasn’t meant to last this long.  Notice how each shot is slightly different color/light wise.  When it all comes together it really is awesome. Truly one-of-a-kind photos on vintage film that is no longer being produced.  I happen to be sitting on a secret stash of authentic polaroid film (that many photo geeks in Portland would kill for) and once its gone, its gone.  It will never be made again.  The camera I use is insanely cool too…you can learn more about it and some more film shots here at this link.

I had the pleasure of photographing Nicola & Greg’s epic wedding a week ago at Camp Wilkerson in Rainier Oregon (an actual summer camp).  They were awesome to work with…but they are both fellow teachers so of course they were awesome to work with.  More photos from their wedding coming soon.  Congratulations Nicola & Greg.

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