About Me

First and foremost I am a teacher. I teach Digital Photography and 3D Animation at Union High School in Vancouver, Washington. Union is a brand new High School, and I am lucky enough to start up the digital arts(or visual communications – but I like digital arts better) program. Digital Photography is one of the most popular elective classes at UHS and I love teaching it. I am very lucky in that I can teach what I am passionate about.

If you want to see some of my students’ work, go to this website – www.uhspixel.com

I am also a photographer…I started seriously learning photography in 1996. I was planning a trip through India and SE Asia and decided it would be a perfect opportunity to get into travel photography. I bought a used Canon A1, a couple lenses, a couple books, lots of film(yes film) and headed off with my two good friends for a 7 month trip around the world. After that trip, I was hooked and I’ve been capturing images, learning, and growing as a photographer ever since. Digital Photography has changed me as a photographer for the better, as I can experiment more and get instant feedback. I love wedding and event photography, street photography, landscape photography, macro photography and just about any other kind of photography you can think of.

I live in Vancouver, Washington with my wife Tiffany, our daughter Isabel and our cats Charlie and Lola. We were married in July of 2006 on the hottest day of the year…it was around 110 F. I highly recommend getting married on cooler days.